Our Partners


Action for Stammering Children

The course is fully funded by the charity Action for Stammering Children (ASC).  ASC is a UK charity, that aims for a society where children and young people who stammer have the same opportunities and quality of life as their peers, ensuring that every child and young person across the UK who stammers, has access to effective services and support to help them meet the challenges created by their stammer.  For more information visit their website www.actionforstammeringchildren.org

The ATE Trust

The ATE Trust is an educational charity with a unique approach in working creatively with children and young people. They create shared, social experiences and play-packed days which they believe provide the best environment for them to grow and learn.

The ATE Trust support the Talking Out Residential by providing pastoral and overnight care for the group.

For more information about the ATE trust please visit their website: http://www.superweeks.co.uk

North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service

NYOLS is the part of North Yorkshire County Council that run Bewerley Park, where the Talking Out Residential takes place. They provide accommodation and their expert team provide outdoor activities. For more information please visit their website: http://www.outdoored.co.uk

Talking Out Ltd

Talking Out Ltd run the Yorkshire and Humber group. They are a Speech and Language Therapy service run and staffed by members of the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Excellence Network for Stammering. 

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

The Speech and Language Therapy department from Stockport NHS Foundation Trust support the North West Clinical Excellence Network for Stammering to deliver the North West group.